Monday, July 19, 2010

Nerf Going Milsim?

If your childhood or adult-childhood has thus far not come into contact with anything Nerf related, you have sorely missed out. It wouldn't be surprising that those that played with Nerf blasters and the like in their youth would naturally congregate to activities such as paintball and airsoft. In fact, many milsim players still have that link to their Nerf past, in using Nerf Vortex rockets as tank-busting ammunition.

Until now, this is what I've been used to seeing from Nerf dart-launching products:

I.E. big, ungainly and looking like something 
Buck Rogers would tote around.

Well now Nerf seems to be heading down the road of mag-fed guns, "tactical accessories", nylon gear and even optics. Here's a few examples of what you can buy from Nerf and Nerf knock-offs brands today:

Nerf Tac Vest, even including a cross-draw pistol holster.

A mag-fed Nerf rifle with scope.

A bolt-action "Nerf" gun.

Just like the paintball and airsoft milsim communities, there are blogs and forums out there full of modders, reviewers and general milsim Nerf enthusiasts. And just like the rest of us, they dedicate a serious (unreasonable?) amount of time towards their hobby:

But not all is on the milsim trend in the world of Nerf, just like paintballers have speedball, Nerf has the Dart Tag League:

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