Monday, July 26, 2010

S-Thunder Water and Powder Landmine Review

Price: About $60 USD from S-Thunder

Options: Black or Yellow

Coincidentally, the first HD (720p) video on Grey Ops.

  • Sprays water or powder (any powder really)
  • Functions like an airsoft/paintball 40mm grenade
  • Plastic construction
  • 2 removable safety pins
Pros: The advantage of using an airsoft 40mm grenade mechanism as the propulsive force for this grenade is that the grenade isn't very tall at all and can be easily concealed/buried. I found it very easy to use, and there was a satisfying bang every time it was stepped on (that the video doesn't really do justice to, I need a better microphone I suppose). Using a powder like sugar or flour means that there are no annoying stains to worry about, and clean up is a real breeze.

Cons: If you conceal the top of the landmine too heavily, it will muffle the sound of the landmine going off, and potentially stop it from spraying water/powder (a solutions being to just leave the top exposed, as it isn't very noticeable in the first place anyways). If you're looking to build an extensive minefield, you'll have to spend quite a bit of money, so these guys are best left to high traffic zones.

Taking cocaine addiction to the next level.

Overall: Easy to use, concealable and comes with a nice little bang. A fun toy that is not only a blast to play with but an interesting addition to scenario games. A bit on the costly side.

A reminder to users of S-Thunder mine/grenade products, use proper eye protection all the time (that includes when charging it) when using these things! I see a lot of you on Youtube using these without any kind of face protection. This mechanism can launch paintballs at a good velocity, so don't let an accidental discharge ruin your day.

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