Wednesday, July 14, 2010

S-Thunder Water Spraying Landmine Review

Product: S-Thunder Water Spraying Landmine

Price: $35 via S-Thunder

Options: Black or Yellow

  • Sprays water (a little more than half a litre)
  • Uses CO2 powerlets
  • Plastic construction
Pros: This thing is just amazingly fun. The set-up couldn't be easier, you fill it with water and pop in a CO2 powerlet, then you're done. The water spray itself is pretty spectacular (as can be seen in the video above). I coloured the water I used blue to make it a bit more dramatic (couldn't find any red food colouring), and post "explosion" I was always covered with blue.

Cons: I really can't think of too many negatives for this thing. At $35 bucks a pop it will take you a lot of money to make a "mine field", but you get what you're paying for.

Blue froster anyone?

Overall: An excellent scenario/milsim toy, this mine is perfect for paintball, airsoft and even an intense water fight. 

That's what you get for looking at it while it goes off.


  1. Sick vid! Love the fact you used Club Foot by KASABIAN - amazing band. Where can I get one of these so I can hide it in a station for an unsuspecting firefighter ???

  2. Thanks guys! Darren, I'll give it to you on Sunday so you can have some fun in the station and elsewhere. :)