Monday, July 26, 2010

New Ottawa Paintball Field - Real Deal

Description from Real Deal's website:

"Why are we the Real Deal?

Our Referees are St. John's Ambulance trained and as they are responsible for your and your children's safety, they have passed a police background check.

We rent reliable Tippmann Paintball guns, genuine army issue uniforms, proper paintball tube harness and quality safety masks.

Our on site Caterers provide delicious meal options to give you the energy you need to keep playing all day.

Members of our construction battalion include Historians, Master Modelers and Hollywood North Special Effects experts. They have spent hours conducting research and building our field structures.

Instead of having you play elimination games, we challenge your abilities with dynamic scenarios to put your abilities to the test.

To make sure your memories last, we post photos of every player to our Facebook account for you to share with your friends. Not only do post videos of your group in action on Youtube, we provide each group organizer with a gun camera for one hour!"

Check out the layout by clicking on the picture below:

Now get this (taken from MCB):
"We have seven 12x12 houses, two 8x16 barracks, and this week are building a 40x16 Church with a 16 foot bell tower. The Swords and Ploughshares Museum is lending us two Russian field Howitzers (Don't get any ideas, they don't work!) and a cargo truck for the Army Base."

Real Deal, you had me at Howitzer. Grand opening is July 31st 2010, which I will sadly be unable to attend but I plan on visiting this field as soon as possible. Any questions can be directed to Dana at this number: 613 858-9579

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