Oakley Forces Program

American servicemen and women have long been able to purchase quality Oakley tactical gear at reduced prices through the Oakley Government Sales Program. However, not so well-known is the alternative for Canadians, known as the Oakley Forces Program.

The Oakley Forces Program offers a discount on tactical footwear, eyewear, ballistic glasses, tactical gloves, and other service items to serving full-time and reserve members of the Canadian Forces. Many other Canadians can have access to the program, including paramedics/EMT, corrections officers, firefighters, and CBSA personnel. For a full list of who's eligible, and the program rules, click here.

Don't expect to find all kinds of flashy & extreme Oakley gear and accessories up for sale on the site, however. The limited items available are strictly intended for cool, top-notch professionals. The kind whose mantra is "We don't need no stinkin' shiny yellow sunglasses!". For a look at exactly what's available to program participants, view the store here. A discount of 30% off applies to orders over $500, so it's worth your while to get your colleagues or teammates together for a group buy.

As an example of the kinds of rebates you can find there, a pair of the wide version of the SI Assault Boots, which retails for $200 CDN on the civilian side, sells for $80 CDN through the Forces Program (in fact, expect to see this footwear reviewed on Grey Ops within the next few days).

For a comparison with civilian pricing on other items you might be interested in, visit the Oakley Canada Web Site.


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