Thursday, June 24, 2010

THOR Tactical Energy Review with Giveaway

So you've got all your tacticool bases covered. Now how's about some tacticola? THOR Global Defense Group (pretty kick-ass name) has got your back, with the THOR Tactical Energy drink. Containing many of the staple energy drink ingredients such cafeine, taurine and B-vitamins, it's sure to keep you awake and amped up for whatever it is you need to do. Even if that means sitting on your butt to finish that marathon Call of Duty/Battlefield/etc. session you're wrapping up at three in the morning.

I've had the chance to try out said energy drink, and I have to say I'm impressed with not only the drink itself, but also THOR's staff. The taste can best be described as alike that of Red Bull, but without the overpowering sweetness, and with a hint more fruitiness. The packaging of the can is killer, and you're sure to get some inquisitive glances if you're drinking it out in public.

Don't worry ma'am, I'm from The Internet.

I suppose the big question is, how energizing is the energy drink? I found that I was provided with the same energy of maybe a cup and a half of coffee, and didn't notice any crash. Now's as good a time to mention that you should always enjoy energy drinks in moderation, and make sure you don't exceed the recommended dosage provided on the label. 

The price per can is reasonable, and you can feel good in knowing that a portion of the money from this venture goes to Camp Patriot, which is dedicated to providing disabled American veterans with an outdoor adventure.

My one big complaint is that the cans come with no picatinny rails. Or lasers. Maybe someday. 

For more information or to become a dealer for THOR, send them an e-mail here. I had the pleasure of interacting with Larry and Brittany, and had a very positive experience.

I'd say it's about time for a giveaway, wouldn't you?
Here's the deal:
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  2. Become a fan (if you already are, thank you!)
  3. Comment on the post pertaining to this blog entry (I'll make it obvious which one)
  4. In your comment, tell us what you would do with the energy provided by THOR Tactical Energy
I'll use a random name picker thingy to choose one of the comments at 11:59pm Thursday July 1st 2010, and I will send the writer of the comment a six pack of energy drinks. 

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