Friday, June 4, 2010

Tomorrow's Warrior on G4TV

I'll pretend I didn't see multiple scenes of 
people using paintball markers without masks.

A new show premiering on G4TV, Tomorrow's Warrior appears to have a strong focus on paintball and blowing shit up. As a big fan of paintball and blowing shit up, I have to say I strongly approve. The first episode aired last night on G4TV at 8pm ET/PT, with host Alison Haislip. It's interesting that G4TV states, "Stop playing games about fake weapons and tactics and take a look at the real thing", when talking about Tomorrow's Warrior, only to have the show's participants/hosts use paintball markers. I don't have G4TV, so I put it to you guys: Has anyone watched the show? How was it?


  1. I watched it yesterday when it aired. It was pretty good. I got to see Alison in a bathing suit, that works for me! Of course seeing a dude (Weston) with abs next to her reminded me that I like playing Modern Warfare more than going to the gym, LOL. Anyway they showed a bunch of "Military" type technology that went along kinda with what the two of them were doing. I saw another segment that Weston did at the CRI place in Nevada. It had paintball in it as well, so I called and ask if they run warfare scenarios for paintball. The lady told me that they don't. And that the only reason they use paintball, or airsoft is because it's to dangerous to do the training or scenarios with real ammo. Duh, it's ok I can get a car for the price of their course fees anyway.
    They did show allot of real weapon stuff & tech though. They showed an older clip with Alison at "Kill a Car" with a Gatling Gun, cool! And Weston jumps out of a car and freaking misses where he is supposed to hit on some pads. The guy bounced on his head and almost gets ran over. Then for whatever reason he does it again, that dude is crazy. He gets taser knifed in the show too (I want one of those knifes!), but it's from an older segment on AOTS. I think he is G4's new resident militant tough-guy daredevil or something. Overall it was cool, good amount of info and action. Needs to be a little shorter if they make a regular show out of it.

  2. Thanks for the added info Anon! If the episodes start popping up on the web, I'll be sure to watch them.