Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who Killed G.I. Milsim?

If you've followed the blog for a while, you may remember that I interviewed Richmond Italia way back in January (and if you've done some digging you may have even seen one of my first posts, looking at the FM50). Even then, I had done the interview because it had seemed like forever since anyone had heard anything from this fledgling company. Well it's been five months, and we have heard little to nothing further from them.

The last update on their website, posted March 26th, consisted of instructions on how to prep your paintball gear for air travel, and when you search any stores in North America for G.I. Milsim products this is what you'll find:

Now I'm sure Smart Parts filing for Chapter 11 had nothing to do with this, because "G.I. Milsim and Smart Parts are separate companies. Smart Parts’ financial difficulties do not directly or indirectly affect the day-to-day running of G.I. Milsim." All this is probably because Smart Parts is bankrupt.

Stay tuned for more updates or updates on lack of updates, on your source for news and lack thereof, Grey Ops.

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