Monday, August 23, 2010

Grey Ops T-Shirts - Gauging Interest

Just gauging interest to see if anyone would be interested in a Grey Ops t-shirt. I also have a design for a white shirt with a black logo that's a bit cheaper, but I think a black t might be more popular.

Front has Grey Ops logo in white, back has "" in white.

  • Would be about $22 CDN
  • In fitting with the blog's zero profit plan, none of this money would come back to me or the blog
  • Gildan 5000 heavy cotton
  • A white model could be made available for about $19 CDN
  • T-shirts would be shipped from Canada
  • Anywhere from small to XXXL
  • Shipping to Canada/US would still keep the cost below $30 CDN

I'd buy it.
Too pricey.
Lame design.


If there's something you want changed, let me know!

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