Thursday, August 5, 2010

ITS Camouflage Comparison Part 2

The guys at ITS tactical have done the leg work, now they need all of you to help pick out the best camouflage pattern out there. In part 2 of their Camouflage Comparison Series, you'll see the following patterns looked at:
  • Crye MultiCam
  • Bulldog Tactical Mirage Camo
  • Digital Concealment Systems A-TACS
  • Hyde Definition PenCott GreenZone
  • Desert MARPAT (Desert Digital)
  • Woodland MARPAT
  • SAF Digital (Singapore)
  • UCP (ACU)
  • 3-Color Desert Camo (DCU)
  • Chocolate Chip Desert Camo
  • Desert Tiger Stripe
  • Japanese Flecktarn
The very nature of physical camouflage makes it pretty difficult to test with any kind of accuracy, but ITS definitely does its best to use firm and reproducible methods that contribute to a well executed test. 


  1. That was a really good article. For me, Desert marpat seemed to be the best in those locations, while I was really disapointed by the ATACS, it stood out like a sore thumb just as bad as some of the cheap green camo. Maybe it's meant to be urban only?

  2. Let this be a lesson to you A-TACS fanboys out there *coughconnorcough*: Camo that looks like dried mud or dirty concrete tends to only blend in well with dried mud or dirty concrete! :)

  3. Desert MARPAT and Three Color Desert seemed to be the best performers although they were testing in a arid desert region so why would they even test the Japanese Flecktarn? That stuck out like a bloody sore thumb! They need to feature more environments to give a better feel for which camo system can work the best in multiple diverse terrains and not just one. Oh and they should have used live models instead of just hanging it on a dummy body. Body positioning can hinder or aid camo just like shadows can. And yes A-Tacs does look someone threw there jacket in mud for a bit lol!

  4. Hey, A-TACS is still the best performer via public opinion in location Bravo. :P As for Multicam... it's not winning anywhere lol! I stand by my fanboyism (I wouldn't be a fanboy if I didn't, now would I?).

    I agree with Ramon, a live model should have been used, I didn't think of that rather large shortfall originally. I also agree with the diverse terrains opinion, but that would require a pretty large time/money investment. :)

    Maybe Grey Ops should run a forested camo comparison here in Canuckistan...