Sunday, August 1, 2010

Special Ops Paintball Bounces Back

As written by MOATI on a recent forum post:

"That's right...Extreme Stitchworks will be no more. I have shut it down. I have also joined with a partner and started a new company called M-Tech. This new company will be manufacturing goods in all sorts of different industries from real world weapons gear to camping/hiking gear to pet products and lots of other stuff! Oh yeah...we'll make paintball gear too! The paintball portion will be soft goods, hard goods, and maybe even some resale items. We'll call about...Special Ops paintball!!! That's right, we purchased Special Ops Paintball. We are committed to returning it to its former glory! Watch for exciting new products, informational and entertaining videos, attendance at events all over the country, and tons of other great things! Stay tuned! "

So what exactly does this mean? Who knows, but stay tuned to the Special Ops/Extreme Stitchworks website and I can only assume that soon all will be revealed.

You can also follow MOATI's blog here for more in-depth updates.


  1. He probably bought the Special Ops Paintball name for pennies on the dollar!

    When a company carries no stock on-hand, and has the customer wait for up to 4 weeks while they stitch the product(s), you have to wonder if they're about to go under.

  2. I agree, given the recent failings of Spec Ops, I wouldn't be surprised if it was dirt cheap. I doubt many people will ever hear the official number.