Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marker of the Month - Gears of War Lancer

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to be on top of designating a favoured milsim marker every week, so say hello to Marker of the Month! Appropriately, I'll post this up (give or take) on the last day of every month.

August's Marker of the Month:

Gears of War Lancer

Alright, so it's not exactly milsim, but the badassery of this paintball mod completely negates that.

  • Three feet long
  • A5 internals
  • Working Lancer cocking handle
  • What looks to be a long Flasc barrel J&J barrel
  • Non-functioning chainsaw bayonet
I've been a big fan of chainsaw bayonets ever since I used to play Warhammer 40k (years and years ago, still have my minis hanging around somewhere), and the intimidation factor it adds to a paintball marker is amazing. No way to dispute a barrel tag from this thing (although good luck sneaking up on someone with it).

Props to Thunderhead for this amazing mod. Check out the progress pictures here.


  1. I dont think thats a Flasc barrel... that looks exactly like a 14inch J&J Ceramic Barrel i have...

  2. Duly noted! Changes have been made.

  3. That´s freaking awesome!!!!!
    I love scifi guns;)

    I´d sooo love to see a Space Marine Boltgun or Heavy Bolter :D

  4. Who made this, and how much would they charge to make ME one?

  5. @Luis I really want to make a Milsig Storm Bolter. :D

    @Axion Check out the link to the build photos, the original poster is there.

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  7. Storm bolters are a bit unwieldy don´t you think?
    Way cool but not for regular humans.

    I´m gonna get my milsig tomorrow S/N :000060 :D