Monday, August 23, 2010

Nerf Vortex Rockets + XM203 + S-Thunder

Video then a bit of idle chatter to follow:

Thanks goes out to Fandam/Jester for telling me what to do with my rockets to get them to work, S-Thunder for enabling my little rocket fun and The Dreadnoughts for being a kickass Canadian punk celtic band.

Apologies for not posting a lot lately, a lot of that stems from me finding it annoying to write with a broken "i" key, but that has been (temporarily) remedied. I'll have a Cidasoft review up soon (promise), a PP-19 mod how-to and hopefully some fun little posts up over this week.


  1. Actually I do not think you should apologize. We are the ones who should thank you guys for being so devoted to the community...

  2. Are you using the thunder shells? The one that hold 4 paintballs? If so I would like to see what would happen with 4 First Strike rounds

  3. I know what would happen, you'd waste about $4 a shot! haha