Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Milsig AK104, Interested?

Way back in December, I talked about Milsig saying that they'd be releasing AK accessories for their K/M series in future. Well that never really manifested, but a thread created in May on Milsig's forum (that I completely missed till now) gauges interest for some sexy AK furniture. To quote Nelson, "If there's enough interest in something like this, we can make it a reality for 2011. Lemme know what you guys think." Get to it gentlemen!

Although what I'd really like to see materialize is the now long forgotten Milsig Bullpup (shown below in prototype drawings).



  1. I'd rather see the bullpup than the AK.

  2. Same here, and you could do all sorts of mods like the L96 or AUG with it. The only potential issue I can see with it is that you would have to use an electronic trigger (as they have apparently) in order to activate the mechanism so far back from the trigger. I'm not sure how reliable the MILSIG I-triggers are, but if they're anything like the A-5 ones, there will be problems.

  3. Bullpup is definately more interesting than AK!
    I am fed up of all those M4-M16-AK47 markers...
    It is time for the industry to bring original designs. In that respect, the bullpup design above brings something new...

  4. I would love to make an L85A1 mod.

  5. They need to make one based on the FAMAS. My favorite bullpup rifle.