New S-Thunder Grenade Launcher

A new S-Thunder break action grenade launcher is now available through Airsoft-War4, with a package price tag of $110 USD (I hear the launcher itself is also available for just $70ish USD). What I like about is that it looks like you can put another AR-15 grip on it (like this one, I don't know for sure though), and since it isn't a replica of anything, it should be very easy to import into Canada. I'd love to see a long barreled version, as that would rock when shooting rockets etc.


  1. Yes I got a sample of the launcher before they were released and they are all plastic but quite tough and you can put any 40mm shell in them and they will fire it without any problems.

  2. Sounds great zac. Is the trigger really a lot easier to use to detonate the grenades than with other launchers?

  3. Yes very, and the trigger mech is surprising strong and feels like a good solid trigger pull doesn't feel like a cheap plastic trigger. I really like it, the only thing i would add are some iron sights or a RIS rail to mount a red dot or the like.

  4. Don't count on the "very easy to import into Canada". I hear those CBSA guys can be twitchy when stuff like this shows up on xray.
    The shells themselves are the real issue, that falls under Canada Post and their Non-Mailable Matter restrictions. UPS, DHL, FedEx have different standards.


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