Monday, August 30, 2010

Important - Advertisement Changes

In the interest of full disclosure, I want to let all of you know that I've applied for a Google AdSense account (gasp). Because of recent developments and rising costs attributed to the blog, it will help if I have a bit of money to help it along. That being said, any money made through AdSense will be put right back into the blog, and not my pocket. I remain committed to my non-profit blog stance, and will do what is necessary to keep that in place.

In addition to that, I will now entertain the thought of adding permanent advertisements to the front page of Grey Ops. Any prospect would have to be something not only supported by Grey Ops but also in demand with our readers. If you are such a company that would benefit from advertising here or know someone that is, email me here: .

If anyone has issues with this, make it known to me. I believe this small change will make the blog a bit easier to run and also allow it to expand at a faster pace.

Edit: Looks like I was accepted after just 3 hours, I guess Google wants my business.


  1. Clicked one of the Google ads to Forged Clothing, nice stuff! They just got $130 out of me for some kick ass shirts.
    Might I also suggest putting a paypal donation button? Sites like Milsim Empire rely heavily on donations, and all kinds of people (like me) are more then willing to support a good site like MSEP, and Grey Ops!

  2. I'll look into it Darsis! Thanks for the feedback.