Monday, August 30, 2010

Surplus Military Footwear - Boot Week

A Grey Ops reader recently posted some comments regarding the practicality and value of US military surplus footwear, and I wanted to repost them here so that this information gets proper exposure to our readers.

"Anon 2 here - Don't rule out surplus for boots or anything really...Surplus is actually a great source, provided you do your home work and shop at US surplus stores. Usually the best ones are located next to US bases, such as Bradley's Surplus at FT Drum NY ( Watertown NY). Bradleys is also where the 10th MTN guys buy all their extra kit..and sell their old stuff.

Modern US boots are very well made and very light compared to the boots of old, also because of the volume the US deals in, you are almost always able to buy brand new boots for $10 more than the used ones. Again though, you have to know what you are dealing with to know the old type from the new type.

Canadian surplus stores are horrible, they are a collection of worn out CDN gear, or commercial or Chinese knock offs. In large they do not have access to US gear (or if they do its limited and they way over charge), and any CDN gear they have is well beyond its service life.

As an example of the price gouging, There is a "surplus" shop here, that sells old worn US woodland BDU jackets for $40...the same BDU top in excellent condition at Bradley's costs $ 3.95 USD, you can buy surplus ACU tops and bottoms for $10 Allegheny Outlet Surplus you can usually score ACU MOLLE fighting load carrier vest with 9 pouches for $50 vs the usually chinese knock off paintball vests for $100+.

Again, you have to know what you are looking at and be a bit of a "geardo", also compare prices and shipping costs to other stores."

And there you have it! To illustrate, here's a screen cap from Allegheny Outlet's footwear page, showing the kinds of prices that can be had for US military surplus footwear:

Of course the shipping costs aren't listed, but $14.99 USD for a pair of authentic military boots to go with your Milsim loadout? Any paintballer on a budget should take a serious look at these!

(Thanks again to "Anon2" for your contribution).

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  1. Anon 2 here, I'll have to find a cooler name...The quality of gear from Allegheny is staggering, when they say its in nice condition, its actually just about brand new. They also stock different makers of desert coolmax boots such as Bates/Wellco/Altama etc, if you prefer a brand let them know when you order and they'll come through for you ( my fav are Wellco)

    Bradleys is right at the North Gate to FT Drum, and just a really fun place to explore, if you are within striking distance, go check it out. BTW they love Canadians at Bradley's, and fly the Maple Leaf flag alongside Old Glory at the store. They have a in house sew shop etc, so they can do custom nametapes for you there while you wait and sew them on ( if theres nobody ahead of you) for fun they also have an in house barber shop for a standard $4 "high and tight".