Thursday, November 4, 2010

Delay in RAP4 Box Mags

Everyone itching to get their hand on a box mag for their mag fed marker will have to wait a little while longer, looks like there's been a delay:

"We have received and sent out the initial batch of box magazines to our subsidiaries and have received feedback regarding this product. The Box magazine is presently not operating at its full potential and thus we have stopped shipping out box magazines until we have completed thorough testing on each unit. We do apologize for the delay and deeply appreciate your patience in this matter; we hope to have viable solution soon. At which time we will be in contact with each individual customer with a resolution and updated shipping time frame."

(Source: Milsim Empire)

Nice to see that RAP4 is making sure every box mag is tested before it's shipped out, and looks like anyone that has one on pre-order should be hearing from them soon.

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