Monday, November 15, 2010

No Money November: Make a Video, Win a FLASC Kit

Milsim Empire is giving away a FLASC kit via a video contest, here's what you can win:

"The Flasc Paintball Micro Bore Barrel Kit Includes:

• .678 Bore size barrel
• .681 Bore size barrel
• .684 Bore size barrel
• .687 Bore size barrel
• .690 Bore size barrel
o 9" Barrel Extension with gen2 porting
o Apex ready adapter
o Blaster Tip
o 4 Prong Tip
o Wirecutter Tip
o Cannoniser Tip
o Bullpen Tip
o *BT Apex*
o Flasc Paintball carry case
o Flasc BBD    "

And here are the rules (partial, view the thread for submission details):

"1. Contestant will be judged on the best short Milsim/scenario style action clip (or video)

2. Each contestant may use older footage, but must add a new intro title as follows " FLASC giveaway on Milsim Emipre" You must also introduce your self on the video. This needs only to be a few seconds. Example, "Hi I am so and so, this clip is from "X" game on such and such date I am a member of Milsim Empire"

3. The clip should be kept to around 3 minutes. A little over is fine, but please no documentaries.

4. The contest closes on 10 December 2010."

Both Mike and myself have used FLASC barrels and there are a few posts up on Grey Ops about them. Full details and contest rules can be found here (including submission guidelines).

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