Friday, November 5, 2010

No Money November: DIY Rembrance Day Poppy Mod

Next Thursday marks an important date for every Canadian, Remembrance Day. To honour our nation's veterans, we typically wear a synthetic red poppy, paid for through donating what you can at various retail locations throughout the nation. These poppies are typically attached with a straight pin. November also marks the appearance of Gore-Tex coats and jackets, as it is often a cold, rainy and snowy month. This makes the attaching of the poppy's straight pin difficult, and the attached poppy will often fall off. Here's a cost effective modification for those of you that want to wear your poppy without having to pierce it through a tough winter jacket only to have it fall out.

What you'll need:
  • Remembrance day poppy (purchased through donation at my local Tim Hortons)
  • Black pen (I'm sure you have a Sharpie or equivalent lying around)
  • 2 small rare earth magnets (Maybe 10 cents each)
  • Alternatively: A hot glue gun
1. Remove the straight pin and felt center from the poppy.

2. Take two small rare earth magnets, and colour/paint one black or hot glue the original felt center on one of the magnets.

3. Put the components together, and there you go.

    To further support Canada's veterans, consider making a donation directly to the Royal Canadian Legion.

    Note: If you're using strong magnets, keep the poppy away from pockets with cell phones or credit/debit cards in them.

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