Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Money November: Shooting Less Paint

Unless you're buying the most expensive markers on the market, chances are most players spend more money on paint then anything else during a season of play. The simplest solution to this is just using less paint, but most players find it hard to do so without adjusting their play style. This is where limited paint play comes into play. Here are some options for getting you started:

1. Pick up a cheap tac-cap or limited capacity standard hopper. These hoppers and cyclone tops force you to pick your shots and are often dirt cheap.

2. Make your own limited capacity hopper. Rite Aid 60-dram pill bottles are available through pharmacies and medical suppliers, and apparently if you ask for them you might be able to get some for free. Big thanks to Peter for pointing this option out! That or just make it from stuff lying around your house.

3. Go down the investment route. Consider purchasing a pistol, stock class marker or other pump, or a mag fed marker. Any of these will cost you a large sum at the start, but if you play with them the majority of the time or exclusively, you will save an arm and a leg in the long run on paint.

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