Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Just Multicame

Important: This post is a candidate for quick deletion. I've been made aware that it may be offensive to part of Grey Ops' audience. Please make your voice heard, if you want this post deleted leave a comment to that effect.

Do you like You like boobs. You like Multicam. You like Magpul. You like plate carriers covering nothing but bare skin and barely concealing nipples. You like this video:

By now I'm sure you know what this calendar consists of, and you can purchase it right here. Half of the proceeds go to Help for Heroes, an organization supporting veterans.

I think it's hilarious that Crye actually sponsored this, and made genuine Multicam bikinis and curve-hugging "thigh rigs". Bravo. How many of you cringed like I did when the one model kissed the business part of the pistol barrel?

Special thanks to Darren for sending this to me! Video originally found on Spike TV's blog.

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