Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Money November: More Dollar Store Paintball Gear

Since my first post on useful items for paintball found at the dollar store, I've come across other handy items there for paintballers.

First of all, in the comments section of the last article, our readers left some tips on other items you could find at Dollarama that are useful for paintball. Be sure to check out their suggestions!

Here's a compact, folding Allen Key tool that you can find at Dollarama for only $2. It's very small, and can fit in a pants pocket for emergencies in the field:

And this fifi velvet shoe bag, when turned inside out, makes a nice soft bag to hold your loader (shown here with a TM-Series Rip Clip):

If you've got some joint problem that's ailing you, you'll find ankle support wraps, knee support wraps, and elbow support wraps in the medical/toiletries aisle:

Lastly, Dollarama sells 3 white facecloths for $2, and they make great cloths to keep in a cargo pocket for wiping off hits in the deadbox. Being white, they make great surrender flags when you walk out holding one up.

And there you have it! Before No Money November is done, I'll be posting about some other spots where you can pick up good paintball gear on the cheap. Stay tuned!

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