Friday, November 26, 2010

Milsig Polymer Upgrades + Christmas Sale

Milsig has some polymer (I'm guessing Delrin) upgrades available for existing K-Series owners, in the form of a new nozzle and bolt. Any new K-Series purchased will come with the new nozzles and bolts already installed. I wonder if this is a move towards making the Milsig line more technologically advanced in general, if so that would be great.

Here's the ad copy:

"Made out of MILSIG’s own special space age polymer formula, this High Strength Bolt will not only last a long time, but will give your marker better overall performance. The elastic nature of the polymer formula allows the moving parts to withstand and absorb the tremendous impact forces caused by the cycling of the hammer when the marker is fired. The top of the bolt has been reinforced to withstand the constant pushing and pulling of the cocking handle and will not crack or buckle. For optimal performance, this bolt should be used in conjunction with our new High Strength Polymer Power Tube Air Nozzle. "

In other Milsig news, check out their Christmas sale (yes, it's already on)!

Looks like everyone's getting in the spirit of No Money November. Of particular note is the 35% MSG products. Here are some of our reviews of MSG products:

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