Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magazines for $4.99? (Updated)

From a RAP4 rep:

"Coming soon Tacamo D-Mag
20 Rounds spring fed magazine $4.99 each
Expected release date July 4th 2011"

Wow. 5 bucks for a magazine? How is it possible that what was once a $40 magazines is now only $5? I'll try to get more details, but this combined with the new RAP4 conversion kits means a super cheap set-up for those getting into mag-fed play. Well done RAP4!

Update - November 16th 2010

Double wow. Been in contact with RAP4 a bit more, turns out these mags will be First Strike compatible. And they are not the same as the current magazines. So let's sum this up... for $5 you get a 20 round first strike compatible magazine that is available in bulk packs. This is a game changer without a doubt.

More info to come!

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