Wednesday, September 29, 2010

580 CFRA Paintball Article

From CFRA News Talk Radio:

Paintball Guns Not a Concern

The Ottawa Police Service has concluded stronger regulations are not needed with regard to paintball guns.
The Ottawa Police Services Board made a request in February to determine the viability of bringing forward a resolution specifically addressing the need for stronger regulations with regard to paintball guns.
In a report, Chief Vernon White writes a paintball gun "does not resemble, for the most part, a real firearm."
Of the 113 imitation firearms seized by Ottawa Police in 2009, just nine were paintball guns and were not used in serious criminal offences.
White says the "vast majority of people who use paintball guns do so with the utmost regard to public safety."
The board did approve recommendations to address the need to have regulations on the sale of pellet and air guns.

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