Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CCM Sniper Rifle

CCM, makers of the ridiculously awesome (yet very un-milsim) T2 have a project currently on the go that should interest any milsim paintballer.

Receiver for the CCM Sniper Rifle (in development).

Here's the breakdown (from what I know and have supposed, none of this is CCM official so don't quote me on it):
  • Magazine fed using single paintball cartridges
  • Bolt action
  • Cartridges do not have any air in them, they are simply tubes that air moves through and expels the paintball held in them
  • Purportedly First Strike ready
  • Aluminium construction
  • 6+ pounds

As for looks, CCM hasn't stated anything, but look at the picture at the beginning of this article then take a gander at this:

The resemblance is surely more than coincidental, and has the potential for large amounts of awesome. The base for the marker can be seen below:

No forecasts or promises for this project as CCM has a lot on the go and the project is rather slow moving. When more information does develop, Grey Ops will be there.

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