Monday, September 13, 2010

MILSIG 20-round Magazine Now Available

Although this is probably old news to most MILSIG owners, the company has now released a 20-round magazine for its magazine-fed paintball markers. From MILSIG's own ad copy:

Nelson Lau, Director of MILSIG Industries Paintball said, “Ever since our magazine fed markers hit the market, the users have been asking us for a higher capacity magazine, and the magic number was twenty (rounds capacity). It was a goal we set for our engineering team early in our endeavor, and I’m extremely proud of them for not only achieving this goal, but exceeding it by making a tougher and overall better magazine without changing the original dimensions. On top of all that, we are able give the customer added value as the improvements come without a price increase.”

Beware though, to really cram down that spring and reach the 20-round capacity, users will have to invest in MILSIG's Magazine Winding Tool.

There's no word yet from users on whether this new spring is harder on paint than the one in the older mags. (Not to single out MILSIG, but Mag-fed markers in general tend to have problems with more brittle paints, with paintballs stacked up under spring pressure getting dimpled and losing their round shape).

The new mags are available at the MILSIG store, either individually or in cheaper bulk packs. Any MILSIG marker shipped since August 2010 already includes a 20-round mag as standard equipment.

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