Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Ingenuity in Perspective

This is first and foremost a paintball blog, and I tend to stay away from the topic of firearms for a few reasons, a big one being there are already some great blogs on the subject. Today's post is not so much focusing on the firearms in the story, but more the ingenuity of the individuals shown. My point being, think of the endless possibilities that could be accomplished in the paintball marker construction medium (which isn't that far away from firearm construction), if you applied the same resourcefulness shown here. Ok that's enough of that, down to the article:

"Craft Production of Weapons in the Philippines" (let me know if that link works, it's a russian page that I've translated through Google)

The inspirational aspect of the story may be a bit diminished by how the article points to these firearms going into the hands of mobsters, but my point remains.

I found this story through Flint (of Milsim Empire) who is coincidentally working on his own very ingenious build you can check out here.

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