Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slow Motion Video of Flasc Cannoniser Turbulance

So Youtube's being a S.O.B. and won't let me upload anything at the moment, I'll transfer this eventually.

This video demonstrates the amount of turbulence you get when using a loudener at the end of your barrel, and how awesome the visual effect is in slow motion. Believe it or not this is HPA not CO2, although it was a humid day so that could have contributed to the effect. 

This can also function as a review of sorts, as it demonstrates how well the Flasc Cannoniser works. When playing with it, I got constant remarks about how loud my marker was (Tacamo's are loud to start). My friend who was playing on the opposing side actually said that people were complaining as to how loud it was, which I take as a mission well accomplished. If anyone in the Ottawa area has access to a decibel meter, I'd love to figure out exactly how loud it is.

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