Monday, September 13, 2010

Mycofreak Barrel Sock + Accessories Review

Mycofreak ( is the maker of inexpensive yet high quality nylon paintball gear. Both Mike and myself use their products and they're most certainly worthy of an endorsement.

All of Mike's Mycofreak gear: Multicam APEX-sized condom, tan wishbone sling (on vest), and black wishbone sling (on CAR stock, but can loop around just about anything for a modular sling loadout).


Price: Relatively inexpensive, check out a full list of products here.

Options: Various camouflage patterns, styles, full custom work available.

A close-up of the tan wishbone sling (Mike's).

  • Cordura construction (more on this later)
  • Nylon cords 
An in-game view of my Mycofreak CADPAT remote line cover (photo by Mike).

Close-up of Mike's black wishbone sling and loop attachment.

Pros: The one big pro that comes to mind for Mycofreak, especially for their barrel condoms, is that they use real Cordura. This means that your product will keep you and other players safe in case of multiple accidental discharge. What's more is that genuine Cordura comes in genuine Cordura patterns (Mike has some genuine Multicam Cordura for his barrel sock, and I have genuine CADPAT Cordura for my remote cover and barrel sock), which is hard to come by when searching for affordable nylon gear. Mike is also the happy owner of a Mycofreak barrel sock, and liked his black Y-type/wishbone sling so much that he bought a second one in tan. He likes how the sling attaches to the loops on the MILSIG MOLLE Hydration Vest, and keeps the primary weapon/marker along the centerline of the body when you let go of it. This allows unobstructed access to a Tiberius sidearm on the hip, and for a quicker draw. With conventional slings the primary marker usually falls to the side of the body, interfering with a pistol draw. The remote cover I have is sturdy and much easier to apply to the line than other alternatives I've seen.

Just how sturdy are Mycofreak's Cordura barrel sleaves?

The Mycofreak APEX sleave fits the hard to cover DSG muzzle very securely.

Cons: Like any barrel condom (sleeve, sock or whatever) they will eventually wear out, especially given accidental discharges (which shouldn't be happening in the first place, right...). I've occasionally found my remote line cover to bunch up when in use.

Another Mycofreak APEX sock on a Tiberius T8 with TRG Compensator from UMS.

Overall: If you have to buy a barrel condom, don't get gouged, and don't buy something that will fall apart after a few dry fires (or worse yet, a shitty condom that flies off the barrel after you dry fire it), pick up a Mycofreak sock. All the other offerings (slings, remote lines) are made from sturdy and genuine Cordura in a multitude of patterns and styles, you really can't go wrong.

Thanks to Mike for helping me out with the Review!

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