Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reminder - D-Day at Voodoo Paintball!

Back in May, I showcased an annual Canadian D-Day event at Voodoo Paintball, in St-Etienne des Gres, Quebec.

Well, it's that time again! This Labour Day weekend, on Sunday September 5th, Voodoo will play host to hordes of Allied attackers running down the ramps of landing craft onto a sandy beach, with hordes of German defenders trying to push them back into the sea!

The first part of the game is of course the D-Day landing itself. In the aerial photo below you can see the setup of the field, with 2 "Higgins boats" (with working ramps!) at the lower right being the spawn point for the Allies. At every scheduled re-spawn, a fresh wave of re-spawning attackers streams from the boats to reinforce their fellow soldiers pinned down on the beach!

The photo also gives you an idea of the German defences, which include a bunker built into the cliff (a la Saving Private Ryan), with an extensive network of trenches built up behind it.

The aim of the Allies is to take that cliff, and clear out the defenders from the trenches behind it. Once that's done, phase 2 of the D-Day operation begins: Assaulting the German-occupied town of Carentan:

The battle for Carentan is sure to be rough, with the Allies taking many casualties in their attempts to clear out the Germans. The Carentan field features dozens of structures, including a 3-storey church tower and schoolhouse:

Battles rage not only in the town, but in the woods surrounding it as well. Nowhere is safe!

In the afternoon the teams are reversed, with the Allied players assuming the role of the Germans, and vice-versa. This way every player experiencing Voodoo's D-Day gets to see it from both sides.

This video shows you what you can expect during the Landing phase (cut through the yapping and move ahead to 2:30, when the action starts):

Voodoo's D-Day event is part of the Tippmann Challenge series, and shares the same prices as other Canadian events in the series. Entry is $50 for players with their own equipment, and players needing to rent equipment pay $50. Paintballs are sold at $120 per case of 2000.

For those players willing to make the drive, Voodoo Paintball is in a small town about 20 minutes drive North of Trois-Rivieres. Trois-Rivieres (Three Rivers) is located about midway between Montreal and Quebec City. Most of the players are French-speaking, but because of its proximity to Montreal, a decent number of English players also attend. Any players attending from the Greater Toronto Area should give themselves about 7-8 hours to get there by car, and given the game's early start time (8:30am), this means driving up on Saturday is a must. There are several campgrounds within 10 minutes drive of Voodoo, and accomodations can be had in Trois-Rivieres for under $100 a night.

The weather forecast for the Trois-Rivieres area shows 10mm of rain for this Saturday, with Sunday being cloudy with a chance of slight drizzle. Weather like this guarantees a gritty, muddy experience, meaning D-Day the way it was meant to be!

Stay tuned to Grey Ops for news from the front!

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