Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Milsim" Pump - A.K.A. Connor Sells Out

Those of you that follow the blog know that I have a hate-on for ugly milsim markers. Ugly milsim markers being typical paintball markers with rails slapped on them, an anodized blackish finish, bizarre militaryish lines and ridiculous proportions. Well I've finally given in. The marker shown below follows what some might say is the same formula I described above, but I love and want it.

Why do I like it? Let's make a list (I like lists):
  1. I love pumps, especially limited ammo pumps, and you can play this in stock class configuration if you so wished.
  2. The rails aren't just there for the typical accessories, the pump handle can be turned into a vertical grip pump with the addition of any picatinny ready grip! 
  3. 3 is kind of like 2, but imagine this: Magpul AFG + this marker.
  4. It has a Cocker threaded barrel, possibly the most common (that and the A5) threading style.
  5. Standard 45 grips.
  6. First strike compatible breach.
  7. Back bottle, perfect for putting a 13ci 3000 PSI tank on it as a stock.
Sorry if I've disappointed anyone. If you don't like it you can go to hell comment using the new(ish) and easy comment form!

P.S. The marker is the new Empire Trracer, figured I should mention that.

Images and info courtesy of various members at M. Carter Brown + some random French site I forgot to take the name of, thanks guys!

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