Thursday, September 23, 2010

MILSIG MOLLE Hydration Vest Follow-Up

A few months ago I picked up the MultiCam version of the MILSIG MOLLE Hydration Vest, part of the MILSIG Solid Gear line. Having played with it for a season now, I can say I loved it so much that I recently bought the black version (to go with my non-MultiCam loadouts). I just thought I'd throw up a couple pics of the vest, along with a couple thoughts now that I've had extensive experience with it.

Of course, aside from the colour, the vest is identical to the MultiCam version, and nothing on it has changed since that first purchase. The vest is still a very well-made copy of the CamelBak Delta-5 Tactical Hydration Vest:

Just like the Delta-5, the MSG vest has plenty of PALS webbing on the back for adding a MOLLE CO2/HPA tank holder. As a bonus, the insulated compartment on the back of the vest (for the water bladder) makes for great back padding, so you don't feel the hard metal tank hitting your back when you run, jump, or slip on a sandy slope like a tool and fall on your back (no comment).

What makes MILSIG's vest a much better deal than the Delta-5 is the inclusion of 2 MILSIG Double Dual Magazine Pouches with the setup. With the cost of the 2 pouches being equal to the cost of the whole vest itself, you're literally getting the vest for free!

I have one negative to report though, and that's that the water bladder included with the MILSIG vest is pretty flimsy. It leaked on me the first time I filled it up, and I haven't played with it since. This isn't a huge problem, since I don't really use the hydration part of the vest anyway (and the mag pouches that come with the vest hold a 500ml water bottle nicely). But if you're the type who likes to run with a hydration system on hot days, you should look into upgrading to a better bladder.

Aside from this, the MultiCam vest has held up extremely well, hasn't faded in the slightest, and always looks brand new after a quick wash on the "Delicates" setting. This despite having gone prone plenty of times this season, and crawling on my belly on some pretty harsh fields. The zippers on it are as solid as ever, and I have yet to see a single thread come undone on the thing either. The vest is VERY well-constructed, and held up as well as I predicted in my original review.

If you're looking for a rugged Milsim paintball vest that can properly hold either MILSIG magazines or conventional 100-round paintball pods, look no further than this vest! This is definitely a purchase that I haven't regretted, and neither will you!

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