Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Money November

Duct tape and plastic sheet window seen by myself on the way to Peterborough.

'Balling on a budget? Looking for gear, mods and games on the cheap? Mike and myself have you covered, and we'll be laying down a volley of posts in November focusing on providing cheap or free alternatives to common paintball items and practices. Hence, "No Money November" (har har).

If any readers have ideas for the theme month, feel free to comment or send me an email ( with your thrifty offering. November's still a good distance away and hopefully we can create a worthy compendium.

I don't say this nearly enough, thank you to all of you who regularly visit and participate with Grey Ops. November will mark the one year anniversary of Grey Ops. If you told me a year ago that a blog run by my scatter-brained self would be doing this well, I'd most certainly dismiss you as quickly as I dismissed that woman standing in the middle of an intersection in Kensington Market yelling in my face that the government had radio chips in my head. As long as there is content and I have time, Grey Ops will be here.

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