Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Contour GPS

The Contour HD has been kicking around for some time now, and is known as being a go-to for documentation of various outdoor adventuring activities (e.g. paintball). Contour's new offering, the Contour GPS, does the job of the HD but tacks on a bunch of satellite-enhanced features.

From Contour's website:
"Add an entire new layer to your storytelling. The built-in GPS receiver tracks your location multiple times per second with pinpoint accuracy so you are able to capture your location, speed, and elevation while recording in beautiful hands free HD.
Make your video come to life with the Contour software. Watch your run via interactive map and video player that allows you to see and control the action. Challenge and compare stats with your friends to see who measures up."
While speed and elevation may not be of great consequence to any paintballer, location bases statistics would certainly provide some useful possibilities.

The price for the Contour GPS is set at $350 USD via Amazon, and is currently in a pre-order stage.

Contour GPS Full HD Helmet Camera

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