Friday, September 3, 2010

S-Thunder Grenade Launcher Release

As previously reported on Grey Ops, S-Thunder has developed a new easy to use grenade launcher for 40mm airsoft/paintball grenades. Also, as I previously supposed, the grip is indeed interchangeable with AR-15 grips (although there may be some compatibility issues with the rear of the grenade launcher not accepting some grips that use the rear of the lower receiver of an AR-15 as a mounting point).

Here are some details provided by S-Thunder:

-  Entry level unit (Item ref # ASG-SB01) of a new line of single barrel grenade launchers from S-Thunder

-  Pistol type grip grenade launcher
-  Easy to use and comfortable to hold 
-  Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$69.99 (*) - making S-Thunder's grenade launcher one of the world's most affordable grenade launchers
- Body is made of a durable engineered composite material allowing the grenade launcher to be durable, light weight and easy to carry
Trigger pull and hammer force are ideal for use with CO2 powered grenades as well as grenades charged with HPA/Top Gas/Green Gas/Red Gas/R134A etc.  Trigger is not excessively "tight" and the lighter trigger force will significantly "reduce" a player's reaction time when firing at stationary or moving targets
-  Accommodates all 40mm diameter paintball / airsoft grenade shells including S-Thunder's 40mm Shocker M203 style grenade shells and CO2 powered foam ball grenades
-  Breech loading allows for fast reloading
-  Safety and release switch is included in unit as an added safety precaution
-  Interchangeable pistol AR grip - users can customize the grenade launcher grip by changing the standard M4 / M16 style pistol grip with other AR grips available in the marketplace

Stay tuned for more S-Thunder news and reviews. Here's a quick video of the Grenade Launcher's operation (nothing launched however):

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