Thursday, September 23, 2010

MILSIG T8/TPX Double Magazine Pouch Review

As fun as the Tiberius Arms T8 is to play with, it's a real pain to find pouches designed to fit the beast's large magazines. Most pistol mag pouches for sale at Airsoft accessories retailers are meant for smaller magazines, and there's no way a T8 mag will fit in them. Even most MP5 or MP7 magazine holders are too tight to fit the T8 ones, and going a step up to M4 pouches leaves your magazines loose and flopping around.

Enter the MILSIG T8/TPX Double Magazine Pouch. It fits 2 T8 or T8.1 magazines, and alternatively can hold 4 of the smaller magazines for the Tippmann TPX pistol. The pouch is made of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, a durable fabric that resists water, scratches, and tearing. MILSIG offers the pouch in black, MultiCam, and Ranger Green, to suit a variety of loadouts. This review will feature the Ranger Green version.

The back of the pouch features 2 MOLLE straps for weaving into any PALS platform (vests, battle belts, thigh rigs, etc).

Like most MSG items, the mag pouch comes packaged in a black nylon mesh bag. This lets the item breathe, and prevents moisture and mould buildup while it's in storage at the warehouse.

The Velcro on the flaps allows you to close them over the magazines and keep them secure, or fold them back to keep your mags exposed. In the latter configuration you convert the pouch to an open-top, competition-style mag holder.

The elastic stretching around each of the individual mag pouches does a great job of retaining the mags, while still allowing for an ultra-fast draw. In fact, you can hold it upside-down without having them fall out. With retention like this, you won't have to worry about them popping out while you run.

I wouldn't recommend keeping them exposed like this if you go prone or crawl around when you play though, as you'd drive dirt down into the pouch and get the mags dirty. This would fill your mag well full of grit and mud when you load your T8.

The Final Word

The MILSIG T8/TPX Double Magazine Pouch is a great product for pistol players, keeping your mags protected, and allowing you to carry them in different configurations. It's purpose-built for the T8 mags, eliminating a lot of the hassle of finding a decent holder for your extra magazines. There really are no downsides to this product, although at $29.95 CDN some may find it a little pricey. Still, if you've invested $200 or more in a Tiberius pistol, and another $100 or so for 2 extra magazines, you could probably stand to pay a little more for this must-have accessory.

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