Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marker of the Month - Battered Old AK47

Thought I had forgotten about this feature did you (excuse my Yoda-esque grammar)? Well I'm just delayed (yes, there's another word for that), not oblivious.

December's Marker of the Month:

Whether it's the distressed wood furniture, or careful buffing of the barrel, this marker (a RAM AK) is instantly recognizable as a work of art.

  • .43 Caliber
  • Underfolding stock
  • Bakelite pistol grip
  • Wood handguards
  • Artificial weathering
The RAM AK isn't very prolific when it comes to having lots of pictures/mods on the interwebs, but this more than makes up for the lack of them! The creator of this distressed beauty is pigeon of Milsim Empire, and more pictures can be seen below:

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