Monday, January 3, 2011

Tiberius Arms Industrial Power Tool Porn Scandal

We here at Grey Ops don't pull any punches. When someone does something that we feel is morally reprehensible, we call them out on it. The last company we expected this from would be Tiberius Arms. So far, they've been an honest and upfront company that we've had nothing but good things to say about. That changed when I discovered damning and plain disturbing evidence of Tiberius Arms' involvement in an Industrial Power Tool Porn ring. Hard to believe, I know. But here's the proof...

You're all familiar with Tiberius Arms' logo, a spartan and visually appealing construction:

Well, take a look at this...

Warning: The image ahead is of a sexual nature (I think), could be pornographic (but I seriously hope it isn't), and is just plain weird (really friggin' weird). It's possible it's NSFW, but more than anything it's just weird. You've been warned.

Source: Kuvaton (an awesome Finnish funny pictures site)

At first glance, you might just say, "Sure, look like my Friday night, what's the problem?"

Upon further examination, the grinder/grindee in the photo above is clearly sponsored by non other than the sinister Tiberius Arms:

What ramifications does this hold? It's a slippery slope my friends. Angle grinding strippers performing for businessmen on behalf of Tiberius Arms today, jackhammer lapdances by Tippmann employees tomorrow. What's the paintball industry coming to? Are times really this hard?

Tiberius Arms, clean up your act. You sick f****.

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