Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tippmann Pneumatics/Air-Ordnance SMG 22

Oh yeah, just like that baby.

Fully automatic, runs of CO2 or HPA, 100 link ammo belt... and shoots .22 caliber pellets (got you excited for a second there didn't I?). It's often talked about how Tippmann has a long held patent on a drum-fed magazine system that was never implemented, but I guess it's been implemented in this little plinker, the Air-Ordnance SMG 22 (MSRP 550 USD).

As you can clearly see, the system is based around the Tippmann 98. The real question is, why isn't Tippmann implementing this around a paintball caliber?! I'm sure people would snatch this up, and it has a ROF of ~12 balls per second, so it's compliant with the new ASTM regulations (15 bps maximum). Excuse my language and frankness, but it seems like recently Tippmann has had its head up its ass, and is failing to deliver a modicum of the same degree of innovation and coolness that its previous revolutionary designs once offered to the paintball community. The only real advance they've made in the past few years? A blow-forward design. Don't get me wrong, that's a great step, but its starting to look like too little too late.

Edit (10:50pm): Oh yeah, here's a video:

And I originally saw this on MCB.

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