Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GI Milsim Quietly Admits Defeat

...but not quietly enough to escape Grey Ops' Minority Reportish surveillance network.

The "Milsim" aspect of the GI endeavour was always held in doubt by purists and aficionados, but now (as can be evidenced in the image above) the brand confusion has lead to a full blown milsimectomy (or speedballplasty). By closing the social media outlet for their brand, the company sends a definite message, which is just the result of their complete abandonment of their prior name and platform (in a sense). If you go on the GI Milsim website, you'll have to dig for pages and pages before you stumble across anything other than paint sponsorships and similar news. Seeing as how pretty much all the Grey Ops reporting on GI Milsim from the beginning of our coverage till now has been about how they weren't putting their money or products where their mouth was, and now they're flat out quitting leads to me declaring the (rather disappointingly contentless) Grey Ops GI Milsim Case...

Or is it...?

Yes, yes it is.

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