Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heads Up - Shipping Schedule for Tacamo Conversion Kits

Putting this up here so you guys have some idea of what's going on with your RAP4 Tacamo kit pre-orders.

Real Action Paintball and Tacamo are proud to announce shipment of our hot new Mag Fed Conversion Kit for Tippmann and BT Paintball markers! We have crews working around the clock to satisfy the outstanding demand for these new game change kits. Each week this month we'll have a new, exciting Mag Fed Conversion Kit to ship to players around the world.

Shipping this first week of July are the Mag Fed Conversion Kit For Tippmann Phenom! To use them, simply disassemble your Phenom and follow the enclosed instructions to reassemble the parts inside the Mag Fed Conversion Kit. By using most of the original parts, you retain the reliability, function, and other characteristics of your tactical marker. By using the Mag Fed Conversion Kit, you gain the look, balance, and accessory rails that truly make your marker as real as it gets.

The Mag Fed Conversion Kit gets that hopper out of your field of vision, and off of your marker completely for the most realistic look and balance in paintball. Interchangeable magazines feed your marker a stack of paint under constant pressure to eliminate chopping and ensure that a ball is there, in the chamber and ready, right when you need it... regardless of the angle of your marker or whether you shake it or not.

Add force-feed, and hyper-realistic looks and function to your marker with the Mag Fed Conversion Kit!

Shipping the first week of July: Tippmann Phenom Mag Fed Kits
Shipping the second week of July: Tippmann Model 98 and BT variant Mag Fed Kits
Shipping the third week of July: Tippmann A5 Mag Fed Kits
Shipping the fourth week of July: Tippmann X7 Mag Fed Kits

Place your order now to reserve your Mag Fed Conversion Kit, and we'll ship it to you on the above schedule so that you can dominate your field this summer. Rely on the quality, revel in the experience, and take the field by storm!

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

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