Monday, July 4, 2011

Team Showcase - Alberta Milsim Club

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Team Photo

Location: Alberta, Canada
Size: 60 members
Home field(s): Delta 1 & Romeo 4 (private fields)

"The Alberta Milsim Club (AMC) is a membership group for like minded individuals who share a common interest of Military Simulations (‘Milsim’). The first group formed in June 2009 under the guidance of The Bugstompers, an established and well known Milsim team from Calgary, AB. The AMC was formed in an effort to expand the growing popularity of Milsim paintball, and the general player base beyond the exclusive ranks of the Bugstompers.

The AMC became officially "incorporated" in 2010 as a not-for-profit society and makes multiple financial donations to various charities on behalf of its members. As well, the AMC prides itself in being the Premier Milsim only community in Western Canada, and maintains a high standard by providing on-going training and the know-how to make its members the best Milsim players and team members they could strive to be.

The AMC is recreational club, and draws its recruits from a wide variety of backgrounds – former and current military, law enforcement, sales managers, students, small business owners and even fathers and sons (or daughters) fill out the ranks. Our membership is open to both mature men and women, with a legitimate interest in Milsim, and while players under 18 are welcome, they must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian to all club specific events.

Today the Alberta Milsim community is comprised of over 250+ players, 60+ supporting members and several professional level teams all with the same common goals in mind: Loyalty, Courage, Integrity."

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