Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paintball Game Checklist

Ever get out to the field and realize that you forgot that one crucial piece of equipment? Like mask/marker/money? Or have you ever forgotten to clean your car/gear bag/gear and had them stunk to high hell over the next couple of days? I know I certainly have on all counts. For a milsim/woodsball player, there's a lot of stuff you're lugging around, and a lot of things to remember prior to and after every game. To help out those of us that can be a bit scatterbrained, and also for those getting started playing (that don't have a routine they have for a game), I've created a checklist of sorts to help take some of the load off trying to remember how to do everything. As always, please feel free to share this! I've left the file rather spartan, so you won't have any obtrusive logos anywhere, but have included a smallish link to Grey Ops in the lower right corner. If I've missed anything or you think some things are superfluous, let me know and I'll try and update it!

Here's the link to the PDF

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