Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Strike Loader - Overkill in a Backpack

And overkill in a cool way. Some might remember the post I put up about a year ago concerning the Tyr Tactical MICO, the machine gunner's assault pack, saying how I thought it reminded me of those rudimentary paintball backpack loaders. Well now somebody has gone a step further and has created a force fed loader system much alike the MICO in concept. Observe, the Strike Loader:

While certainly not something I'd like to see at every game, it would be fun for certain scenarios, and at $200, it's not outside of many players' impulse buying range. What I find particularly interesting is the Pro-Adaptor add-on, described as:

"Sick of guessing how many balls are left in your loader? Don't have X-Ray eyes? No problem. The optional LED-adaptor indicates both your available reserves and remaining battery life. It also includes a game-timer, target counter, and a customisable audio/visual alarm triggered at a pre-determined level of ammo depletion. Strike Loader gives you full control!"

Memories of Aliens comes to mind.

More news/info about this as it comes in.

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