Thursday, July 7, 2011

UVR Defense Tech

I've spoken before about IR (infrared) technology and applications in paintball and elsewhere before on Grey Ops, but have any of you ever considered UV (ultraviolet) applications?

Well Reed at UVR Defense Tech certainly thinks about it, and he's done far more than that. UVR Defense Tech not only provides UV camouflage protection (from devices used to see in the ultraviolet), but goes a step further in supplying affordable UV imaging solutions. There's a phrase I heard recently that I immediately fell in love with, "When people are digging for gold, sell shovels.", and Reed had the foresight to corner both the figurative UV "gold" and "shovel" markets.

I had recently begun drafting this article, but in a stroke of amazing good fortune, Reed commented on an unrelated blog post, so I have some additional information to filter down directly from him:

"For the active MilSim enthusiasts, we currently have a few used UV/NIR scopes available for a good price. For those who wish to make their own UV scopes, we include instructions on our site. We do advise you to purchase a good UV pass filter (it blocks visible light and near-Infrared). We have designed and have always available the best UV bandpass filter, at the best price; and a good price on NIR bandpass filters as well. Our UV bandpass filter - the Andrea 'U' - has had sales in ten countries in just six weeks.

Recent news: The Polish Spec Ops people are examining UVRC, both in its temporary and permanent form. We hope to hear from them soon. We also have license interest in The Netherlands and the US. Unfortunately, we cannot sell UVRC for civilian use. Sorry about that."

So while you may not necessarily be able to protect yourself from UV detection at the moment, you can certainly benefit from UV detection right away!

Still not convinced as to the usability of UV technology in the field? Check this video out:

If you want to know more about how UVR's UVRC works, check this page out. This isn't Hyperstealthy pseudoscience, but is firmly rooted in easily understood and widely accepted optical theories.

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