Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Morning Twilight Theatre - July 19th 2011

Time for your fill of videos!

A promotional video for Crypsis (Canadian camouflage and tactical gear store), let me know what you think!

Wolf's got a new vid out. Gotta say he's losing my interest. Although I've never really been able to watch super long videos (anything past the 5 min mark), I don't really find a lot of his content that appealing anymore. C'mon Wolf, get out there and do something cool!

RAP4 Describes the installation of the new MK7 kits on an X7 Phenom.

TMZ provides an insight into what Mr. H (if you don't know who he is, count yourself lucky) will look like if he becomes an alcoholic wash-up. I found their mannerisms/dirtiness eerily similar.

A local Ottawa field gets some great exposure on a local news channel.

Those of you that visited the blog on April 1st will be happy to know Rebecca Black has a new video/song out! Waterboarding ain't got nothing on this. Watch this to receive your "My Moment Merit Badge":

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