Monday, July 18, 2011

Event: "The Sword", Ottawa Milsim Night on July 27th

Eliminate the other team - switch sides - eliminate the other team - switch sides - eliminate the other team - switch sides.

Up to now, this has been the dominant Paintball "model" in the Ottawa area. Ottawa is overwhelmingly a rec-ball town, with Milsim-oriented players forced to conform, and fire their tricked-out A-5s alongside players with Speedball markers, in standard Deathmatch and Capture The Flag rounds. But GET READY FOR A CHANGE!

Wednesday, July 27th, the Ottawa Milsim Coalition will be holding its first Milsim Paintball event. The event takes place at Carnage Paintball, from 6pm to 9pm (doors open at 5pm).

For details on the scenario at this event, check out this intel report.

The scenario will feature small-unit missions and objectives, military-style tactics, a limited ammo format, and PRIZES!

-A Tippmann Deluxe Field Backpack
-A set of black ACU-cut BDUs in Size XL, from
-Black drop-leg cloth holster for Tiberius T8.1 or Tippmann TPX pistols
-Morning Wood Camo bandanna

Basic Event Rules

This Milsim night won't feature "hardcore" Milsim rules, but there will be some significant differences between the rules here and your typical rec-ball game. Chief among these is that there will be a limited-ammo format in play; use of mag-fed markers, 50-round hoppers, or markers with Cyclone "Tac-Caps" is STRONGLY encouraged. Those using conventional hoppers will be limited to one hopper + 1 extra pod per mission (approximately 350 paintballs max). There will be 2 missions in this event. This limitation rule is in place to encourage good tactics and ammo discipline, rather than just throwing a wall of paint at the opposing team. An exception will be for heavy gunners (limit 1 per team), meaning Milsim players with markers equipped to look like M249/SAW, PKM, etc. As a fire support tool, they can carry as much paint as they can without falling over.

Speaking of markers, there will also be ZERO TOLERANCE for any Speedball guns or clothing at this event. We're trying to achieve a certain atmosphere and look at this event, and we want equipment there that fits with the Milsim (Military Simulation) scenario. It's also a matter of respect; we Milsim players don't show up to compete at CXBL events on Airball fields with camo and M4s, so please don't show up to this one with shiny clothes and flashy guns - there are plenty of other places you can play at in Ottawa already if that's your thing. Chuck at Carnage has plenty of camo and rental guns for anyone who needs them!

Other secondary rules will be discussed at the briefing for the evening, which will kick off promptly at 6pm.


Carnage Paintball has also arranged special pricing for players at this event: $5 for entry and unlimited air, and $20 per bag of 500 paintballs (quality Procaps stuff, NOT that horrendous G.I. Sportz stuff flooding this area). (Note that this is the pricing for this Milsim event only, and doesn't apply to renters or walk-ons on regular days at Carnage).

Ottawa Milsim-oriented players, your time has come! With this event's scenario, format, prizes, and pricing, this is not to be missed. Come on out and support the growth of Ottawa's Milsim Paintball community on Wednesday, July 27th!

Although Speedball markers aren't permitted at this event, those with TM7 and TM15 markers can use them, on semi-auto or 3-round burst setting - this is NOT a double standard, it's simply in keeping with the principle that the OMC is striving for a Milsim look. Pump markers that are black (or some other subdued colour) may also be used, provided that their users also wear Milsim-style clothing.

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